About Us

I started playing music at a very early age and started gigging at night clubs and venues with local bands before I was old enough to be in a bar.

This started a lifetime career, and to this day I work as both a session player and touring musician. I play and perform on a variety of instruments and pedal steel guitar is just one.

I have talked with musicians of all types all over the world about a variety of instruments and ideas and SFBAGWRX is where the rubber hits the road. High quality products that are designed for tour players and hobbyists alike.

During all this excitement I'm also a textile designer and have enjoyed a career in the fashion industry. In 2010 my wife and I started San Filippo Leather. We are very proud of the collection we built there.

Now we bring you SFBAGWRX with a deep understanding of product design and development. Our latest products for the pedal steel guitar community have received rave reviews from around the globe. We look forward to continuing to develop high quality products for a variety of platforms from the music industry to fashion to outdoor and athletic wear.